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Radical Mentoring

Radical Mentoring equips churches and leaders with a discipleship pathway that empowers the next generation to form thriving relationships with God and others.

What is Radical Mentoring?

Radical Mentoring is a year-long discipleship process in which designed to impact the lives of mentees in a way that points them toward a fully devoted Christian life.  Each is led by a spiritually mature, disciple-maker that brings their experiences, successes, failures, and relationship with Jesus to the group. With these mentors, participants will spend significant time on

Understanding their identity in Christ

Discovering how to be a disciple-maker in their home, church community, workplace, and social circles

Developing deep, authentic relationships

Overcoming the issues that hold them back from a thriving life in Jesus

This is accomplished through a series of growth exercises that include: memory-work, book reading, personal goal setting, and peer accountability.

Who is Radical Mentoring For?

Radical Mentoring is designed for those who have already started down the path of discipleship by having taken the Next Steps but are hungry for growth.

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Intentional Mentoring was an amazing relational growth experience beyond ANYTHING I’ve ever been a part of.


Through Intentional Mentoring I learned that I can trust the Lord – He is in control and I am not.  He’s continuing to grow me through my issues because God’s not finished yet!


The relationships I formed in Intentional Mentoring are amazing!  We formed bonds that will far outlast this year of time together.