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History seems to be the story of the rise and fall of one human empire after another, but when Jesus arrived on this earth, He began to teach about an everlasting Kingdom. A Kingdom that is ‘not of this world’. A Kingdom whose citizens live in and among the empires of this world as strangers and aliens. 

The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7) is considered to be Jesus’ magnum opus. In the Sermon, Jesus reveals the behavior, culture, and values of a Kingdom Citizen, which – when lived – cause them to stand in stark contrast to the citizen of the empire. In the Citizen series, we will enter the Sermon and discover the answer to the question: Which has my allegiance – the Kingdom or the empire?  

Regardless of the circumstance, we’re offering online services just for you! Join our live stream this Sunday live with friends and family despite the distance. Whether you’re wearing your Sunday best or gathered around in your PJ’s, we’ve put together an online experience so you can celebrate from your living room. Music, art, and preaching come together to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ for all people.

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We won’t leave you hanging! From extra resources to getting to know us, we’ve included the following information to help you on your journey.

Tools to Take with You

Church has always been more than a building. We continue to do our best so you
have the tools you need to learn and grow wherever you are. In study and devotion,
alone with God or with others – we’ve put together some resources we think you’ll like!

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Daily devotionals, previous sermons, and friends waiting to be made. Check us out on Facebook and be sure to tune in on Sunday to watch the service live.

For the Family

We’re known for our focus on the family, but only because Jesus did it first! No matter what grade you’re in, the CCW family has something for your family to connect you with one another and with Jesus.

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Want to get to know us better? What a coincidence, we want to get to know you too! Feel free to check out the “I’m New” page at the top for general information on regular services or contact us directly to see how we can help.