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Leadership Development

The Church needs leaders; men and women who are willing to follow God where He may lead and make an impact for His Kingdom.  The Leadership Pipeline is Christian Church in the Wildwood’s pathway towards helping Christ-followers to grow to their God-designed leadership capacity.  It’s our plan for developing leaders.

We believe that leadership development begins at the grassroots level, with group and ministry leaders developing apprentices.  The Developing Apprentices guide outlines our simple process for growing apprentices:

Developing Apprentices

Servant-Leadership Training

Servant-Leadership Training (SLT) is Christian Church in the Wildwood’s (CCW) environment for introducing potential leaders to:

  • The design of Biblical leadership
  • The leadership pipeline at CCW
  • The habits of a healthy leader

SLT has two parts.

Part ONE: SLT First-Steps.  To prepare for the SLT Class, we ask participants to download the Participant’s Guide and complete the Servant-Leadership Training content found on RightNow Media (at the top of the Christian Church in the Wildwood tab).  This material will introduce you to the basics of leadership development.

SLT Participants Guide


Part TWO: SLT Class.  Following the completion of the First Steps, we have a three-hour class that brings all the pieces together.  You can sign up for this class here:

Sign Up for Servant-Leadership Training