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Intentional Mentoring

Intentional Mentoring has been impacting the hearts and lives of the people at CCW for the last four years, with 24 different groups and nearly 120 ‘graduates’. This mentoring process is centered on a special type of discipleship group that meets once per month for a year with the vision of helping grow next-generation disciples who are ready and willing to pour into others. Our goal is simple: To impact the lives of mentees in a way that points them toward a fully devoted Christian life. We believe that all of us can have successful careers and be learners and followers of Jesus Christ and be great disciple makers in our families, church, community, small groups and friendship circles . . . all at the same time.

Intentional Mentoring groups are led by spiritually mature, disciple-makers (or ‘spiritual parents)’. These are men and women who were invited by the CCW leadership to be Intentional Mentors because of their vast life experiences, successes, failures, and mature relationships with Jesus. They are in the process of responding to this “call” to be trained and mentor anyone willing to learn. Intentional Mentoring is designed for those who have already started down the journey of discipleship. We are looking for those who are connected to a group and are actively serving.  With your mentors, you will spend significant time on understanding your identity in Christ, how to better live your life for Jesus, lead your families, and become disciple makers yourselves.

Intentional Mentoring uses a variety of learning exercises and activities. These exercises include: memory-work, book reading, personal challenges based off of a monthly challenge, and peer accountability.


Intentional Mentoring was an amazing relational growth experience beyond ANYTHING I’ve ever been a part of.


Through Intentional Mentoring I learned that I can trust the Lord – He is in control and I am not.  He’s continuing to grow me through my issues because God’s not finished yet!


The relationships I formed in Intentional Mentoring are amazing!  We formed bonds that will far outlast this year of time together.

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